How to Start A Side Hustle When You Work a 9-5 & Are In a Relationship

How to Start A Side Hustle

More and more people today, want to start their own business. "Over 600 business was started in the UK last year." The business "talk" might scare you and you probably don't even want to start a major business, but you do want to create something that can bring in more income for you, help other people, and make a huge impact in the world, and that's fine. I'm on the same page as you. 

But whatever side hustle you want to create or start, you still have to really plan out what it is that you want to do, how you are going to do, and how it will make money because you will want to make money from it. It's easier said than done, but you can't skip over certain steps.

I thought about making blogging my side hustle when I first started, but there were a few steps that I had to take and with the new blog, I'm back at square one, making sure I figure out what I want to do with my blog. 

Regardless of what you want to do, become a hair consultant, start your own non-profit program, start a blog and make money from it, whatever, understand that it won't be easy, but it won't be impossible to do. You will need to get serious about it, really put in the hours, and make it happen.

Before I get into the 3 things to help you with starting your side hustle when you work and/or in a relationship, it's important to know why you're starting or want to start a business.

Don't start a "business" because you think it's going to bring in money faster than your day job because it won't. Most people think that having their own business means they can live the good life, but before you get there you have to put in the work and understand that it takes time to get to a point where you are constantly making money, taking trips, buying whatever you want to buy, etc.

So, really be honest with yourself and figure out why you want to start making more money on the side or simply start your own business. 

When you do, these 3 things can help you balance out your day job and your relationship while you start your business.

Make a schedule & stick to it

The #1 thing that you must to do if you want to have enough time for your side hustle & your personal life is to create a  schedule/routine and stick with it. You need to create, keyword, create time for what you want to do and need to do. When I first started blogging (which is considered my side hustle) I struggled with making time for blogging and for my boyfriend, & for my job.

Of course my day job was a priority because it brought in actual income, but I was so focused on growing my blog and trying to make income from that, that I spent majority of mine "blogging". It got to one point that my fiance and I had arguments about how I was spending my time and what I should be focusing on. Whether you're in a relationship or not, and you work a 9-5, you need to learn how to schedule in your days and times. 

Your schedule needs to include sleep, self-care time, quality time with your significant other, if you have one, when you eat, and even time for family and friends. Making a schedule for yourself doesn't mean that things will be easy, it simply means that you will have clarity and a less stressful way to managing your time. It also means that you can tell what you have to do ahead of time, which also helps you manage your time. 

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Prioritize your day

Along with making a schedule you must write down a daily to-do list. If you haven't started doing so, you really should because it will definitely help you in figuring out what you should get done in a day. Your to-do list doesn't have to be long, in fact, it should only be 3-5 things on the list and ranging in order from most important to less important, include in things that you need to do for your business.

I am a writer, which means I love writing things down. I usually write my most 3 important tasks at the top of my to-do list with 2 less important things at the bottom. I even write next to all the tasks how long it will take for me to complete it. That right there is the key to making sure you have enough time to do what you want and actually get it done.

You're probably thinking that I usually just keep things in my head and that's how I usually remember or I don't like carrying around a planner or anything that's going to weigh me down throughout the day. I get it, you've been doing better by remembering things in your head, right? Less be honest, you forget things and you know you do. So instead of writing it down on paper, write it in your phone. Every phone today should have a tasks app on it where you can write out what you need to get done for the day and since you're on your phone majority of the time you can always come back to your to-do list.

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Do What You Need To Keep Your Day Job

Most people starting a side-hustle or business will get to a point where they find more joy in starting their business than they do going to their day job, but the truth is you need your day job. You job brings income, money that you can use to start and run your business, money that keeps your lights on, keep the internet on, and of course money that will keep food in the fridge.

Don't get so selfish with starting your business that you forget you still have personal responsibilities to take care. I get it, though. If you own your business you're going to be more focused on making things happen, but it takes time for it. Owning your business doesn't make life easier, in fact, it's going to be 10X harder because everything has to be run by YOU and done by YOU, if YOU want to keep the business running. 

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What kind of business do you want to start?

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