How To Start Your Growth Journey


By this time in 2016, I was already taking workshops, writing in my journal daily, and doing my absolute best to get up at 6 AM. I was also pregnant with my first child and learning how to balance being a new mom and blogger. My journey of growth didn’t start off easy and there were times when I wanted to give up whatever I was doing and go back to being complacent me. But I realized that there were more women like me, post-graduate, working a 9-5, but feeling lost and confused and wanted answers as to why their lives were going the way they had imagined it would a few years ago.

It took me some time, but I got honest with myself, questioned my values, figured out the state I was in at life at that moment, and also learning how to move forward. Eventually, I got comfortable and acceptable to change and before I knew it I was doing better mentally, physically, and even professionally. The Grow To Know Yourself workshop that I took in spring 2016 helped me get started, but it was up to me to put my words and what I learned into action. So today, I’m helping someone like you do the same thing. Here are the steps I took to start my growth journey.

Get clear on your life vision

The number one step to take before you make any commitment is to define your vision. Most of the time when we want to go through a transformation or make a change in our lives we assume that we have to go cold turkey and tackle everything at once. But in order to have an “everlasting” result, it’s best to have clarity on what you want to do. Whenever you are embarking on a new journey, you need to have a vision of what that’ll look like. Your vision should include what it is you want to do and somewhat of how you’re going to do it, and it should definitely motivate you to actually make it happen.

Embrace your imperfections

In order to go through your change, you have to embrace your imperfections, that’s the only way you’re able to move forward. It’s going to be hard to do, but you have to face your failings, shortcomings, and imperfections. Doing so means you are learning from them and it is that specific action that causes a transformation. When I first started my growth journey, I had to really dig deep and figure out why I was failing at what I was doing and falling short on my goals. I even had to have an honest talk with why I was so busy comparing myself to other people, which seems to be a huge reason why people can’t move forward in their own lives. I realized that I was doing three specific things that were preventing me from moving forward.

Have a sense of purpose

Real growth and change should be everlasting and because of that, you should think of your journey with a sense of purpose. When I first started mine, I knew I wanted to do more than make necessary changes, but I wanted to be an influence on someone else wanting to go through the same thing, so I decided to create Becoming Natasha and recently, I shared a webinar called 21 Days of Growth to walk you through with the beginning to your growth journey. Everything you do should have a greater purpose than your own self-gratification. Who you can help makes what you do a greater.

See your failure as learning

Failure is only a state of mind. What we all do, myself included is look at our situation/s and call it a failure. Failure is only what you make it. Instead of calling what you can’t do or fall short, failing, it’s actually learning. Whenever we “fail” at something there is a lesson to be learned from it. Why didn’t I accomplish what I wanted to do? How come I couldn’t get over certain obstacles and hurdles in my path? Question yourself and ask yourself why you couldn’t do the things you wanted to do and see the lesson within it. Do you have to overcome fear, first? Do you have to get more support? Do you have to plan more and be more strategic and proactive? Find the lesson and you will finally start progressing.

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