How To Figure Out If Your Idea Is Worth Pursuing


It easy to assume that all your ideas are important and worth pursuing, but that's not always the case. Some ideas are not worth it or require the energy to make them anything more than an idea. As an online coach and creative, I'm always filling my head up with ideas to pursue but not all of them are worth my time and energy.

Since starting my blog, I've had ideas for in-person workshops, online workshops, conferences, books, etc, but it comes down to figuring out what ideas are more important at a time. Here's how you can figure out if an idea is worth pursuing.

Does it solve a problem?

The first step to figuring out if your idea is worth pursuing is if it solves a problem that already exists. Don’t try to come up with a problem, instead, think of something that is already an issue for most people and then figure out how you can help change that. For instance, natural hair women have a problem finding the right products for their hair or even affording hair products, so natural hair subscription services deliver products to your doorstep with a variety of hair products to use all for a low cost. That’s a problem that was solved by mailing products to people.

Do your research

If you found a problem, the next thing is to do your research. This one step may be the most overlooked stepped. Some people may do their research, but most will not do the necessary research to figure out if their idea already exists or ways that you can modify what you're trying to do.

Simple, quick research isn’t always enough, really dig and find information on not only the problem but solutions that already exist. You might want to start an online clothing brand, but other ones exist; however, you found in your research that none of them focus on kids under 1. So, you decide to create a clothing brand for kids under one.

Don’t assume your idea is the ultimate answer

One of the biggest mistakes anyone can make when they come up with ideas is to think that their idea is the ultimate answer. Your idea was created from a bunch of other ideas before it became the “idea”. Not only this, but there is a world filled with people coming up with similar ideas. The concept is to not reinvent the wheel completely because it’s already been invented. The creativity comes from the way that you spin it.