What I Did To Gain Clarity, Confidence, & Growth

My 2016 Testimony

It was this time last year that I shut down my first blog and created what you see now. It was also last year that I spent weeks - months trying to experience change and growth in my life. I dedicated 2016 to “growth”. I was tired of seeing myself constantly feeling sad, bored, overwhelmed, jealous, and unworthy. I thought I didn't deserve my dreams because who was I to build a living through my blog or through writing books? I doubted myself and what I could do, but something happened in 2016 and I became more confident in myself. If you're someone struggling to believe in yourself and what you can do, and it's keeping you feeling stuck and not moving forward, here's a few things I did that you can do for yourself:

A. Be specific

Whenever you are making a change in your life, it’s important to be specific as possible. When I started my “growth” journey, I decided to focus on 3 areas of my life that I was struggling in: spiritual, personal, professional. I knew I wanted to commit to praying daily and being faithful to GOD; I knew I didn’t do much self-care practices, and I knew I wanted to continuously write and use my talent/skill to impact someone’s life. Just as specific as I was about my goals in my journey, you have to be just as specific. You cannot expect anything to happen in your life if you aren’t specific enough about the result you're looking for. Take time to figure out what areas in your life you need to detox, get clear on, or simply grow in, and start from there.

B. Be Proactive

Actions speak louder than words. Whenever someone says, “speak things into existence”, I’m always adding the fact that speaking can only do but so much. You have to put your words into action. Simply saying I want to start a blog, doesn’t mean you will, you have to put in the work to make it actually exist. Learn how to take action on your words. And, the best way to do so, is to start. There is no right way to take action on your goals, but the wrong way to do so is to never begin, at all. If I continuously said throughout 2016, "next month I do (fill in the blank), tomorrow", I would not be in the state that I am right now.

C. Be Patient

Patience is key to creating long lasting change. You can’t rush growth. Throughout 2016, there were so many lessons I’ve learned about myself. I obviously learned that I am in control of who I am and what I do, and that my work doesn’t define me. There were days when I would come home from my 9-5 and cry because I knew where I wanted to be and at a 9-5 wasn’t the answer. However, I also knew that nothing is permanent and that everything is temporary. Fast-forward to today, I am still working a 9-5, but I have made tremendous progress with the BECOMING NATASHA brand (I will share my secrets, soon - link to email list). Remember that you have to walk before you crawl and that you’re goal is waiting for you, but are you fully prepared for it.

D. Stay Committed

Finally, I couldn’t have made it this far without being committed. But allow me to be honest and say that every day wasn’t perfect. There were days I gave up in believing in my work, times I almost put my work before my relationship with my fiancé, and times that I simply didn’t care at all and thought I was never going to accomplish anything. But I was wrong. Commitment doesn’t mean staying up to 2 in the morning, it doesn’t mean putting your work before your partner, and it definitely isn’t easy to do. Commitment is taking the small but necessary steps to achieve a goal. It’s knowing how to balance out what you love with your responsibilities. Please don’t confuse sacrificing any and everything you love and calling it a commitment. Do the work that matters and can get you closer to your goal. Stay focused, but not too focused where you aren't present in the lives of your loved ones. Learn how to balance what you do with what/who you love.

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