How I Became a Morning Person

My Morning Routine

This post has been updated: March 2018

Let's be honest, most mornings we would rather snooze the alarm and get more shut-eye. Some mornings I would rather turn my alarm off entirely and wake up whenever I want to, but that's not possible. Since becoming a mom, being a morning person is something that I naturally must do, but if we're being honest, some mornings I either never hear my alarm when I should or simply snooze it. It definitely takes a lot of energy to get a decent amount of sleep and take care of a toddler. But nevertheless, on the mornings I am up early, I am definitely productive. 

So how do you become a morning person? Here are 3 things I suggest you do:

1. Spend at least a week waking up earlier than usual

Although I couldn't stand waking up at 7,  I honestly wanted to be more productive during the day and realized most of my free time is in the morning. So, for an entire week I decided to prep myself by waking up at 7AM. This tricked my body into having to wake up at such an early time and also helped me get into the rhythm of waking up at 6 or earlier. Along with waking up at 7 AM, I went to bed earlier than usual. 

Spend at least one week slowly tricking your body into going to bed earlier and waking up early. If some mornings you don't wake up early, it's okay, just as long as you keep practicing, it will eventually become a habit.

2. Prepare the night before

Instead of going straight to bed, I would prep for the next day. I used to wait until the next morning to prep for the day, but I noticed that it wasted more of my time prepping the day of. Now, before I go to bed I will tidy up a little, and right before I go to bed I make a to-do list of what I need to get done the next day. I do this through the Evernote Note app. I would just type up three key things I need to get done the next day, so when I wake up, I not only know what I'm doing and I'm not fumbling over the place trying to get myself together. 

3. Create a morning routine

Getting up early for the sake of it does nothing. To say you woke up at 7AM and still managed to waste most of your morning doing nothing isn't productive. Instead of simply waking up at 6, I created a morning routine. Since having my son, my morning routine has changed. But whenever I do wake up around 6/7 AM I am usually, writing in my journal, outlining my day even more, finishing up projects from the day before, and making breakfast. By 8 AM I'm usually already sitting down at the computer or transitioning to making my family breakfast.

What does your morning routine look like?