My Top 5 Monthly Life & Business Investments


Before 2016, I hardly invested in myself. I would do all that I could for FREE, not a cent more. My first blog was created on a FREE platform called Blogger, which is hosted by Google. It even took me almost 4 months to actually buy a website domain which I ended up spending literally $1 for. I wouldn’t bother spending money on my first blog, although I wanted to start building an online presence.

I realized after about 2 years of blogging that in order for to really make things happen I needed to serious about what I invested my time and energy, and even my money in. I realized that money and time are the two major investments anyone can make. I surely had the time to sit around and write blog posts and be on social media, but I definitely didn’t have the money.

Yet, I really want to do more online and really take my blog from nothing to something, so with the little money I was making from really low wage jobs, I would invest in my blog. However, it took me almost losing my fiancé to also realize that I need to really figure out what I was really doing online and how my investments were being returned.

So, I took the time to reevaluate what I did online, the bills that need to be paid between me and my fiancé, and of course, ensuring that income is still coming in through my day job. It wasn’t an easy process, but what really helped me set things straight, was setting a routine/schedule. But that was just one investment I made. As of today, there are 5 major investments I make to help me in both life and my online business:

A. Routines

The biggest misconception about routines is that people don’t want to live boring lives, doing the same thing all the time. That’s not the case. Routines do not have to rule your life, but they can help you in so many ways. Currently, I don’t have a morning routine, but that is something I want to focus more on this year. There are things I try to do in the morning to get myself ready for a new day, like watch a TED talk, read something motivational or inspirational, write in my journal, set goals for the day, make sure I eat a breakfast, and just clear my mind of yesterday’s problems and issues.

B. Systems

It may seem time-consuming to do so, but systems keep you on autopilot so you can actually get things done. I have a blogging system for making sure I publish three blog posts, record two podcasts episodes, and send out one email, each week. It may not seem like a lot, but the process for making all three happen is different. It takes me 3 hours to write and edit my posts. I also have to create blog posts graphics to share and promote it on social media that can take a decent 20-30 minutes to do for all my posts. If I want to add a freebie to my posts, I have to create those as well. That takes an additional 1.5-2 hours to do. But thanks to having a step by step system I can do all of this and more on a weekly basis.

C. Dropbox, Evernote, Google Drive, and others

I like being organized and I like having the necessary apps that I need to do what I need on the go. Dropbox is hail mary to what I do online. I keep almost everything stored in my Dropbox. Evernote, however, is what I used for when it comes time to write out my thoughts. I keep what’s in my head organized thanks to Evernote. But I wouldn’t be anywhere without Google. Google Drive holds everything I need including pictures, notes, workshop slides, excel sheet, and documents. When it comes time to see what I need to work on for the blog, I go to my editorial calendar/schedule to see.

D. Automation

I could be sleeping, taking care of my son, or even making something to eat, but have an email sent to my newsletter subscribers at the same time. I do it through automation. It’s hard to be present everywhere at once, so the secret to do is through automation. I automate almost everything from emails to social media posts. I really like being able to share something on Instagram at a certain time and reply to comments in real life. I also like being able to know that people can subscribe to my email newsletter and have something to send to them automatically once they sign up. I don’t have to physically do something. The idea of automation is simple, be everywhere at once without actually being there.

E. Rest

It’s not always easy to come by with taking care of a toddler, significant other, and my business, but rest is definitely something I love. Whenever I do find the time to get sleep, I take it seriously and even try to get the baby to go to sleep at the same time. However, I am challenging myself to rest, not necessarily sleep, more in 2018. I’m challenging myself to work on my business Monday through Thursday and leave Friday to doing whatever I want. We’ll see what happens.  

What investments do you make in your life and/or business?