My Word Of the Year & 3 Goals I Want To Accomplish In 2018


We are finally here in the new year! 2017 definitely had its up and its downs, but nevertheless, you’ve made it to a brand new 365 days. What’s even better is that  January 1st is on a Monday! What better way than to start a new year, making new moves, making new things happen, and experience new growth in your life.

I wrapped up 2017 reflecting on what happened throughout the year and although I experienced wonderful things like having my first child (which I am happy to say that I am proud to be a mother), there were definitely a lot of things I wanted to accomplish via Becoming Natasha. I wanted to host my first ever networking event, but it never happened. In fact, it became a LIVE Facebook video of two friends discussing how they use their platforms to inspire and influence. I wanted to publish my journal, which would have happened, but a lot took place emotionally during the days leading up to Thanksgiving.

To sum it up, although I experienced a high such as giving birth, my lows definitely took over 2017. My fiancé and I removed ourselves from our apartment lease, our first ever apartment that we shared for 2 years. We moved back in with family. My fiancé left his salary paying job for an hourly job, and he’s doing the work that he really wants to do. I, on the other hand, am debating leaving the organization that I’m currently working for to just go full time with Becoming Natasha.

So much is happening in my life right now, and the old me would be in a corner crying right now wondering how will things get better. But the present me is still pushing to make thing happen even though life isn’t at it’s best. I understand that it could be worse, but it’s not, and this is the mindset that I’m carrying throughout 2018. I no longer want to sit around and feel like I don’t have control over my life or that I don’t have enough resources to do the things I want to do or make happen.

I can’t lie, 2017 was rough because I became a mother. The adjustment was hard and it almost felt impossible to be a working mother with a side hustle. I’ve managed to learn how to “balance” things along the way, but I can’t hide the fact that it changed my daily life completely. However, I no longer want to use that as an excuse as to why I can’t do the things I really want to do. So for 2018, my word of the year is INTENT.

If you were to search the definition of the word, you would assume it means to act in a negative way. Intent means to purposely act on something. It means not doubting your actions or decisions. Not second-guessing whether what you're doing is completely RIGHT or WRONG. It’s about leaving a mark and making it known.

As I go throughout 2018, I plan to make every life-altering decision intentional. Everything I decide to do must and will have an ultimate reason and purpose for happening. I am not declaring that I will have full control over everything that happens in my life during 2018, but what I am highlighting is that I will be accountable for my decisions, choices, thoughts, and actions. I have 3 major goals that I want to reach this year:

Save 10K

This goal may seem outrageous, but I know in my heart that it is possible. In theory, saving 10k means saving around 830$/month, but saving 10K isn’t as hard as it may seem. One, this goal isn’t necessarily being accomplished by myself. This a goal that I am sharing with my fiancé so it doesn’t make it hard for me to do all the “ work”. Two, it’s not about literally saving that amount, but rather changing my financial habits in general. 1) I have to locate where and what I’m spending most of my money on (FOOD), 2) Figuring out the ways that I can cut back on my spending habits, and 3) Putting aside that same amount of money away in an account that I can’t access on a daily basis. It’s true that when it’s out of sight, it’s out of mind. This is a general way of saving money, but the idea is to start building a foundation or structure that can eventually become my model of use.

Host A Conference

I’ve had it in my mind to host a conference. I wanted to create an event that would annual where women from all over can travel to and attend. The event would include known guest speakers, vendors, food and entertainment, and of course giveaways and sponsors. I want to host my first ever conference this year and if it's not a grand as I want it, at least a major meet up for talented and influential multicultural women. Since 2016, I’ve been more interested in seeing talented women collaborate with each other and grow together that I want to be someone to make that happen more in 2018.

Write my book (Rough copy)

Who doesn’t want to write about during their lifetime? My entire childhood consisted of me asking my parents for a new journal or finding an empty notebook to fill my thoughts and words with. I would spend time in high school reading authors like Eric Jerome Dickey and try copying their style of writing. Not only that, but I would just create stories and scenarios in my head and write them out somewhere on paper. Now that I’m an adult and have experienced a lot since being 15, I want to take the time to write a heartfelt book on personal development. I gave myself this same goal back in 2016 but never managed to even think of it. But this time around I will make the time to get a copy of my book complete by December 31st, 2018.

I’ll wrap up this post by challenging you to be curious enough to see where life will take you within these next 12 months, by doing things out of care and purpose. Have a reason for making certain decisions and actions. Have a purpose for 2018. What do want to accomplish? What will be your focus throughout this year? Where do you want to be, come December 31st, 2018?

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