Overthinking Keeping You Stuck? Here's What You Need To Do


Whether you're starting a new job, blog, brand, of even a business, you can sometimes go through the process of overthinking. If you're starting a new job, you might overthink on how to get your boss's attention. If you're starting a blog, you might be wondering how to come up with the perfect, viral blog post; I know that's exactly what I did. It took me damn near a month when I launched my first blog to publish a blog post. I spent so much time trying to figure out how to write the perfect post. I wanted to have my first ever blog post go viral on Pinterest and social media, so I spent all my time researching how I could do that. At the end of the day, it was unrealistic for me to have one blog post, my first ever post go viral.  

It's this process of overthinking that leads to inaction, plain and simple. When we overthink we spend more time thinking than doing. Overthinking will keep you stuck and stagnant in your growth. You’ll be left wondering why someone else can post up one video on Facebook and get so many shares, while you’re struggling to “get comfortable” with using your voice.

Overthinking can be many things such as thinking about all the that can go wrong instead of right.

You might want to start a new project or side hustle, but you’re so wrapped up in things going wrong that you never take the first step. When you spend more time worrying about the things that can go wrong, you’re stalling your growth, progress, and success. You can’t expect to have everything be right or perfect the first time through. If things went right the first time around, you wouldn’t know how to do it again and again. Mistakes are meant to be made, failure meant to be experienced. When you make mistakes and fail you learn the lessons and learn what to do “right”, so you have the blueprint to do it over and over again.

Overthinking can also be not taking action because of criticism

All criticism is good criticism and regardless if you do something right or wrong, people will always judge you in some way. If you do something right, they’ll criticize you for it not being the absolute best. If you do something wrong, they’ll criticize you for not doing things right in the first place. Criticism will always be there and it’s actually a good thing.

You need people to negatively criticize you to help you shed light on the things you fall short on, but you also need people to be positive reinforcements and encourage you to keep going and get better.

If you find yourself overthinking on your impact know that it is common but hurtful. The longer you wait to make your impact, the world will have already moved on from you and your ideas. Don’t be left behind with your ideas. Lean into your fears and pursue your goals even if they scare you.

Making your impact doesn’t have to be hard to do, you just have to focus on three things: identify, capture, and capitalize.

Regardless of what you want to do, start a blog, create a brand, run a business, you have to first, identify your impact, capture people’s attention, and capitalize on your impact.


What are you naturally good at? What do people associate with you? What do people come to your for and about? What is your “it” thing? The first step to making your impact is identifying your potential. We all have the potential to make an impact, in fact, it is our duty to make our mark in the world. When you hold back on your potential, hold back on who you are, you are doing a disservice to other people. We all serve a purpose, whether that be entertaining, encouraging, motivating, etc. We all serve a bigger purpose than simply being us.

Meet Nicole

She’s a student at a local university and is studying Communications with a concentration in Advertising. On the weekends and in between her studies she creates videos of her reactions to celebrity gossip and news. She loves creating these videos because they allow her to take her mind off her studies and she can be herself on camera. Her family and friends share her videos throughout Facebook.

Nicole notices that she has the ability to make people laugh and entertain people through her reaction videos. So she decides to take her videos seriously. She first invests in a better camera to record her videos instead of using all her space on her iPhone 8. She also learns how to use the pre-installed video editing software on her laptop to edit her videos. After upgrading her work, Nicole’s videos got more shares and comments than ever before, so she decided to start her own YouTube channel of entertaining, reactionary videos.


The next step in making your impact is capturing people’s attention of who you are and what you do. Once you’ve identified “your thing”, it comes down to using that as your way to get people’s attention. In the last example, Nicole found being funny and entertaining as her “thing”. She used that as a way to get people’s attention.

Capturing people’s attention can be difficult at times, especially on social media. SM is constantly changing and updating and you have to find ways to constantly to put yourself out there. The best way to do so is through content creation. Content creation can be textual, audible, or visual. Content creation is how you get people’s attention, but it’s not about creating anything. When it comes to creating content you have to ask yourself:

  1. What am I creating?
  2. Who am I creating it for?
  3. What problems is my content solving?
  4. What solutions am I highlighting through my content?

Meet Danielle

Danielle is 24 years old who loves all things makeup/beauty. She used to play in her mother’s makeup when she was younger. As she got older she took her looks serious and spends time every day “making” up her face. Afterward, she usually takes pictures for Instagram and records her looks via Snapchat.

Recently, she’s gotten questions about her natural makeup look. She posted an Instagram LIVE video one morning, and after the video she received about 10+ DMs of questions on her makeup process, the best make up to use, etc. Danielle realized that most people asking her these questions were from her Instagram and Snapchat accounts. So she decides to use the platforms as her way to showcase her expertise in makeup/beauty.


The final step comes down to capitalizing on your impact. You not only want to keep people’s attention but build an audience. Capitalizing on your impact doesn’t necessarily mean making money, it also means diversifying what you do to constantly keep people’s attention and make your mark. You might create a blog post, but not everyone has the time to sit down and read that post. So you find other ways to share that information. For Becoming Natasha, I create blog posts, podcasts, emails, and LIVE videos. I may talk about the same thing but create different content to reach more people, thus helping me capitalize on my impact.

Meet Ashley

Ashley has been married for 2 years to her college sweetheart. After getting married, she started her wedding planning blog to help other newly engaged women plan inexpensive weddings. Ashley only spent $3,800 on her wedding and when she told people that most of them were curious to know how she created a beautiful wedding on such a small budget.

Ashley gets questions all the time about wedding planning and realizes that most people ask the same type of questions. She decides to create one resource that she can constantly market and promote to people other than her blog posts. First, Ashley did her research and found the top 5 common problems most women face when planning a wedding. She then spent an entire weekend creating a 40-pg wedding planning book that she sells for $20.

Making your impact shouldn't be hard to do. The more you overthink on what you can, the more you'll stay stuck and stagnant.

It's not about things being perfect and yielding less criticism, it's more so about what you can do today, right now, to help someone and make your mark.

Need help getting rid of overthinking and making your impact? schedule a free call with me. For 30 minutes I can help you get clear on what you're next steps are in your life/business. ready to get started?