Why The Relationships You're In Are Keeping You Stuck

Relationship Success

The relationships we find ourselves can be good or bad, but every relationship has an influence on the way we think, act, and the things we say. There comes a point when you have to question to the type of relationships/s you’re in. Do they help progress in life? Are you distracted from what you want? Is this a mutual relationship that you can get support from? When it comes to getting where you want to be, it’s best to really figure out the relationships you find yourself in.

Regardless of the relationship you're in, you typically start sharing the same views and having a similar mindset as the other person. But the bad part about it is if that person has a negative mindset, you can easily be influenced by it. None of this will help if you're an ambitious person or someone determine to do something greater in life. A negative mindset can cause you to doubt yourself, make you feel unworthy of your goals, cause you to procrastinate, and do things out of the ordinary. 

Their approval/disapproval could mean missing out on opportunities in your life

It's hard to get rid of a negative mindset when you consistently have someone with that type of mindset around you. If you're with someone whether that be your significant other or even a relative, you might be waiting for their approval or disapproval to do anything. You can't do this! Lisa Nichols is famous for saying, stop asking and starting giving notice. Being in a relationship that is draining mentally or physically, you have to learn to give notice, be unapologetic about it and know that you will have to leave this negative person and their mindset behind in order to free yourself and them. A lot of times we hold ourselves back because we want to please everyone, but you can't please everyone. Not everyone is willing to go after what they want instead they would rather sulk in their hardships and adversity instead of doing something about it.

If you're someone who wants to move forward in life and not continue to be stuck, you have to learn to remove yourself from people and things that keep you stuck. Forget about wanting to wait for someone's approval or wanting to with the so called "in" crowd. In order to get where you want to be, you have to leave behind people and things that will keep you at zero.