3 Questions You Need To Ask Yourself When Setting Goals

Goal Setting Questions

Goal-setting has its ups and downs. For one, it's easy to get distracted from them if you're not clear on what it is you're setting yourself up to accomplish. But the good thing about setting goals is that you're creating a path to hopefully move forward in life. Yet, when it comes to setting really "SMART" goals, you need to ask yourself 3 questions:

1. What type of goal am I setting?

There are 7 types of goals you can set for yourself and a majority of the time we usually set short, mid, and long-term goals. You have to be crystal clear on the type of goals you're setting. If you're going to refer to the timeframe of your goals, it's best to put a number to them. Short-term goals are usually 30-90days long, mid-term goals are usually 90+days until 1 year, and long-term goals are usually 1+ years. 

"The lack of information and clarity is one thing stopping you from reaching your goals. When you lack clarity, you lack a direction & steps to take."

On top of setting a time frame to your goals, you need to know the steps to actually reach them. Setting the goal is only the preamble. It's only an intro, not the full thing. After step 1, is usually step 2. You have to figure out the steps needed to take to get you from start to finish. All of this is the important information that can set you up to actually reaching the goals you have set for yourself.

2. Who/what type of support do I need?

Support systems really make a difference when it comes to goal-setting. When I wanted to start my growth journey, I had one important person in my corner, my fiancé. He provides me the mental/moral support that I needed daily, especially the days where I overworked myself, placed more focus on my blog/brand than I did our relationship, etc. Your support team doesn't need to be your entire family or group of friends, in fact, it should be a lot of people. Too many people mean too much distraction and noise. Listen when I say that not everyone wants to see you win, that includes family and friends. You have to honestly select the people you want surrounding you. They should uplift you, make you accountable, and give you the constructive criticism that you need. You can really have a decent group of 4 or less in your circle of support. 

3. Is this goal relevant?

This is one thing I overlooked last year at the start of my growth journey. I had so many goals I wanted to reach last year, but I never reached all of them and relevancy was a big reason why. Not every goal we set for ourselves is relevant to where we are at this moment in our lives. You have to prioritize your goals and figure out which ones are relevant to you at each moment or season in your life. Right now, you might have a goal to make a couple hundred more dollars from your day job, but that goal has no real relevance to the fact that you have a hard time-saving money. More money won't help you save more. Your focus should really be on learning how to save from the amount of money you make/have now. 

Takeaway: For each goal, you have set, make sure you are clear on them, have a support team to help you reach them, and that they are relevant to where you are in life right now.

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