Where To Start After You've Stopped Pursuing Your Dreams

I haven’t always pursued my writing career. At some point in my journey, I stopped believing in my writing and the love I have for it. I had to come to the realization that I would sometimes hop in and out of my goals because what I’m actually doing is finding a way to live out my purpose. Whenever you feel yourself stopping and starting on your dreams and spending so much time apart from going after what you want, you need to do these 2 things:

Find clarity in yourself

After you’ve stopped pursuing something you were interested in, it’s hard to get back on track to pursuing it again. One, too much time might have passed and your responsibilities may have gotten bigger. But, nevertheless, it’s never too late to keep pursuing your dreams and after you’ve stopped pursuing them, first you need to get clear about yourself and where you are at this moment in your life. It’s hard to move forward when you’re not clear on how and what you should be doing. Ask yourself, what am I valuing at this moment in my life? What do I feel is much more important in my life? Once you’re clear on who you are and what you see yourself, it’s easier to clarify the direction you need to take in your life.

When I started my growth journey, I had to really figure out who I was at that moment in my life. I couldn’t make a change in my life if I was clear on what I needed to change and how I wanted to change. I had to dig deep and ask myself the necessary questions to start moving forward in my life. Finding clarity in yourself means figuring out where you were to where you are now, and where you want to be. Your dreams aren’t separate from your long-term goals, they are your long-term goals.


If you need more help getting clarity in yourself


Figure out if what you've been pursuing is something you still want

Finding clarity in yourself is only one step, the next step is to ask yourself if what you were pursuing is something you still want in your life. I thought at one point I wanted to pursue my blog to start blog coaching when actually I wanted to coach women in finding their purpose and get clear on their goals. Same field but different topic. The same goes for you and your goals. Ask yourself is this still what I want for me and in my life? If your heart doesn’t skip when you think about a certain “goal” or “dream” than it isn’t something you really want. You have to really want something so bad that it doesn’t care how much work you have to do to get it. It’s okay if something you thought you wanted is no longer what you want anymore. Remember and understand that your passion can change anytime, but your ultimate purpose remains the same. 


It’s not always easy to commit to what you want, especially if you don’t know for sure you want it.