How To Stop Chasing Your Passion & What To Do Instead

We hear it all the time, go after something you are passionate about. While I don’t find that wrong to do, I find how we interpret its meaning. Going after your passion has nothing to do with literally going after what you find interesting or seriously feel for. It’s not about driving yourself crazy or insane simply highlighting the fact that you love to do x,y, &z. Going after your passion all to do with how you can help others through it. Let me say that again, differently, passion is for you, purpose is for other people (thank you Maya Elious, I’m sure other people have said that in their own words, but I heard it from her).


If I use myself, for example, I love writing, in fact, I do it every day with or without the intention to use each draft for something greater. I sometimes write just to get my mind clear. But, my love for writing has no real purpose if I can’t help something through it. For so long, I was under the misconception that I had to focus solely on my love for writing and I realized that was the problem. That’s why I wasn’t moving forward. I was focused on my self-interest and only my self-interest.

You can’t expect people to follow you and engage in what you offer when your only purpose is for your self-interest. When it becomes more about you and less about others you never reach the levels you want in life. We are all put on this Earth to do more than for ourselves. What can our talents and gifts do for others? How can we help others through challenge and obstacles that we’ve faced before? What answers do we have that can help someone else solve a problem or issue in their life? The more you make it about other people, the more you’re self-interest will be stroked. 

Right now, you might have an idea, something that you enjoy to do, but you have no idea how to manifest that and bring it to life. What you should do is ask yourself what it is that you can help people with your idea or interest. You might love fashion/style. You’re always up to date with the latest trends, your head is always in a magazine learning about new products and new designers, but you never give that insight to other people and wonder why nobody engages in your blog as much as you want them to. What can you give people to help them with their own individual style? What tips can you give them about styling through each season? The idea is to use what you love for the purpose of helping others. Your self-interest will always be there because it’s something you are passionate about. 

How do you determine what you’re passionate about?

Take the time to highlight what you are interested in. Figure out what draws you in, what calls you or sticks out to you most. You might notice that you’re interested in starting a blog, but have not clue where to start. Write down what sticks out to you about blogging, what you know about blogging, what you want to know about blogging. Then get clear on what you would like to blog about. It’s okay to start blogging about one thing and then transition to something different. I transitioned from beauty and hair blogging to personal development and lifestyle blogging after 2.5 years of blogging. Remember, getting clear on what you want to do comes down to how you want to help people. Who will your blog serve? What problem do you want to solve? How are you going to get people to engage in what you write?

Answering the challenged questions can help you figure out the difference between what you find interesting and what you are designed to do with your talents and gifts. If you're in need of clarity and have no idea where to start, download the Passion To Purpose worksheets and get starting on bring your purpose to life.