Are You Doubting Yourself? Here's One Way To Stop


We're all guilty of self-doubt. Even if we've done something a million times, the million and one time we have to do it, we fear we may make a mistake. It happens. But sometimes self-doubt runs so deep that you don't even want to make or take any action, especially when it comes to your dreams and what you want to do the most. Self-doubt, however, is apart of the process. It is needed actually and should be used to spark growth, spark action, spark decision. Yet, if you're failing to take any action because of your self doubt, here's one way to stop.

When you seem to start doubting yourself, write down all your accomplishments.

Why your accomplishments? Your accomplishments are reminders of what you've achieved, completed, manage to get done, overcome, etc. 

Your accomplishments are records set for yourself to be broken with bigger and better records.

Writing down what you've achieved can help you recognize your talents, skills, and gifts. You can develop a skill over many years, yet, you still may forget how talented and skilled your really are. I love writing, in fact, I've grown in my writing, but every time I write a new blog post I get nervous that it will not be great; however, I have a collection of blog posts to compare.

In addition to recognizing your talent and skillset, your accomplishments allow you to see how much you've grown. We're always moving forward, but growth is something that intentional happens and by intention, I mean made by you and only you.

You may have started a business recently or have had one for some time, each and every customer you get should be a constant reminder that your business is growing. The more you take note of this, the more you'll recognize your growth and also see that you're not "failing" at life but creating progress.

With your progress should come bigger and better goals you set. Your accomplishments should help you set bigger and better goals for yourself. Once you've mastered something, gotten through a challenge or experience, the moment your realize you are not where you used to be, you should set goals to reach the new level in your life.

When you get through writing down your list of accomplishments, keep that list close to you. Make sure you can come back to it. Let it serve as a constant reminder that you are enough, that you are strong, that you are powerful, that you deserve whatever you desire in life.

Here's something you can take away to help you keep at reaching new heights in your life. Stop setting goals without an action plan to complete them. Download the Ready, Set, Goals Guide and start reaching the heights you want to reach.