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How To Set Yourself Apart From Others On The Internet

Before you can start making your impact and building your personal brand via the internet, you have to get to know who you are outside of the social media reel. Social media has played a huge role in depicting people’s stories and although it’s a great platform for leveraging what it is you do, you can’t fully get to the next levels in your life and journey without truly knowing who you are...

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5 Key Steps To Building Your Personal Brand

Personal branding is helpful to personal development. Lately, more and more people are representing themselves as brands and marketing themselves to companies and even other people as a way to leverage their opportunities. When you highlight your strengths, work on your weakness, set yourself apart and market yourself as a brand, you open yourself up to a world of new opportunities. And if you want to make an impact, you have to be intentional in building your personal brand. But if you have no idea on where to start, here are 5 key steps you need to take:

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Are You Doubting Yourself? Here's One Way To Stop

We're all guilty of self-doubt. Even if we've done something a million times, the million and one time we have to do it, we fear we may make a mistake. It happens. But sometimes self-doubt runs so deep that you don't even want to make or take any action, especially when it comes to your dreams and what you want to do the most. Self-doubt, however, is apart of the process. It is needed actually and should be used to spark growth, spark action, spark decision. Yet, if you're failing to take any action because of your self doubt, here's one way to stop.

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