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12 Things I'm Doing To Get Ready For The New Year

Right now, we have only 20 days left in 2017 and most people are doing one thing for sure: waiting until the next year to start "planning" and "doing" and "trying". I realize that each year I would wait until the damn near end of the year to start planning for the new year, but quickly realized that when the new year actually comes, I'm not prepared for it. So, this year, I'm doing 12 things to get ready for a new year:

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The Misconception of Life Coaching and Why I'm Becoming One

I've always thought of myself as being a teacher, but not someone in a classroom giving 6 years permission to go to the bathroom. I wanted to teach at my own pace, doing what I wanted to do. Since I was younger, I've always been fascinated by transformations. I am a sucker for a rags to riches story and I'm doing my absolute best to have my story one day inspire someone else. This all seems great and could, in fact, it should happen, but at times I doubt myself.

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Are You Doubting Yourself? Here's One Way To Stop

We're all guilty of self-doubt. Even if we've done something a million times, the million and one time we have to do it, we fear we may make a mistake. It happens. But sometimes self-doubt runs so deep that you don't even want to make or take any action, especially when it comes to your dreams and what you want to do the most. Self-doubt, however, is apart of the process. It is needed actually and should be used to spark growth, spark action, spark decision. Yet, if you're failing to take any action because of your self doubt, here's one way to stop.

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