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What Does It Mean To Be A Creativepreneur?

Creativepreneurship is the concept of marketing and building a business through your creative skills and talents. Creativepreneurs tend to operate off of passion and their personal mission to make an impact in their own creative ways. They think creatively and innovatively. They’re thrive offer coming up with new and creative projects or ideas.

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The Biggest Mistake To Avoid When Launching Your Blog or Creative Business

The idea of launching something is exciting, right?

I mean you spend time thinking of what it is you’re launching and you can end up getting wrapped around the idea of launching versus actually implementing the launch, itself. This is one of the biggest mistakes to avoid when it comes to creating a blog or creative business. Why?

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Why Your Social Media Following Doesn't Relate To Your Impact

Out of all the mistakes I’ve made being a blogger, I can say that focusing on growing a huge following was my biggest mistake. Although I’ve read blog posts that discussed growing a large following meant absolutely nothing if you weren’t making money or converting those people to potential customers, I still focused on growing a large following...

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