The #1 Thing That Scares Me About Motherhood

On Becoming A Mother

Whenever I touch my stomach I think about the fact that I used to be that girl or tomboy who was so focused on playing sports and being competitive that I didn't even think about having a child; not that I didn't want to have a children, but I wasn't worried about my future as much.

But touching my stomach does one thing for me: make me happy at the thought that I am blessed with the opportunity to bring a human into this world and teach him/her the knowledge needed to grow and survive.

Sometimes I still can't believe that a person is growing inside of me, literally growing from a size of a spec to an actual person. I keep thinking about how labor will be, what will happened, and the moment I finally get to meet this special person. I know I'll be emotional, but I'm so curious to touch his/her fingers and toes, and even look at him/her try to open up their eyes and take their first yawn. 

I think the biggest issue I have right now, being 6 months pregnant is what I will be like as a mother. I am so nervous and scared about being a mother because I want to be the best mother that I can be. I am so scared to make mistakes or simply fail at things because I know my son/daughter will hold me to certain expectations.

I know him/her will look at me for all the answers in the world; they will look to me to figure things about for them and show them what they want to know, but I'm only human and I don't know everything. I'm still growing into the woman that I am to be, yet, I have been blessed with the duty to be someone's mother.

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