The #1 Thing You Need To Do To Make This Year Successful

1 Thing You Need To Do This Year

In 2016 I tried something that I wouldn't normally do: I dedicated that year to "growth". Meaning, I spent that year focusing on how I could and would move forward in my life. I decided on 3 areas in my life: spiritual growth, personal growth, and professional growth. I challenged myself to get out of my comfort zone and into a position in which I felt fearless and with no self-doubt. I can't say that I spent all 365 days to doing this, but I can say that I made changes.

First, I shut down my blog NYKSeries and launched Becoming Natasha. I spent almost 2 years writing about beauty and hair care, but I knew I wanted to write about something more meaningful. It was a little scary started new blog; I had just started blogging in general just 2 years ago and have so much more to learn, yet, I knew beauty and hair care wasn't what I wanted to write about anymore. So when I launched Becoming Natasha in May of 2016, I knew I had finally set myself up to having the blog I really wanted.

But before I even launched Becoming Natasha, I was trying something new. I love to write and plan to publish my first book this fall, but I had to practice the habit of writing everyday. So I bought a $5 journal from Target and spent 3-4 months writing almost everyday. Some weeks, I wrote from Sunday - Saturday, and other weeks I managed to write only once, but I was doing something that would help me in the long run.

It was these small but big changes that made 2016 one of the best years for me. Even though it wasn't much "growth", it still changed my mindset and approach to my goals and dreams. If I could do a small thing like wake up at 6AM and write for 5-10 minutes in my journal, why can't I become a self-published author? If I could blog 3X a week, why can't I make money from my blog eventually.

It's questions like these that you need to ask yourself going into a new year.

If you could spend just a few minutes a day doing something that you love doing why can't you make a living from doing it.

Going into 2017, there is one thing you need to do: change your current mindset.

"You can't change anything in this world without changing your mindset, first"

You don't have to come up with resolutions that you know you won't follow, but you should take this new year day by day and focus on changing your mindset. You can't help anyone if your mind isn't set on genuinely helping them; you can't start a business if you're mind isn't set on what your business will be; you can't expect people to see you differently, if you can't see yourself in a different light.

This year, I'm dedicating myself to being more resilient.

I'm not focusing on being tough or having tough skin, but I am focusing on being able to bounce back from adversity and any challenges that may come my way. I will be a mom and a wife this year, while also finding the time to do photography and blog. I know it will not be easy, but I'm definitely going to do the best that I can.

This time next year I want to say that I pushed through my bad days, I forgave myself for any mistakes I made, and I managed to overcome setbacks in my life to do what I ultimately want to do.

And you can do the same thing.

Your dreams can become your reality. You just have to move forward in your life and make the necessary changes. So how do you do that? Ask yourself:

  1. What did I enjoy most about 2016? Why?
  2. One of my happiest moments in 2016 was _______. Why?
  3. What didn't I like about 2016? Why?
  4. What stopped me from doing what I wanted to do in 2016? Why?
  5. What did I do in 2016 that I want to do more of in 2017?
  6. What result am I looking for by the end of 2017?
  7. What is one thing I want to do differently in 2017?
  8. Who do I want to be associated with in 2017? Why?
  9. How will I not let the same things that stopped me in 2016, stop me in 2017?
  10. Who do I plan to help in 2017?
  11. What will I dedicate 2017 to?
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