The 3-Step Plan To Reach Your Goals This Year

3 Step Plan To Reach Your Goals

I don't like resolutions, in fact, I hate them. There is nothing more than a waste of time like making resolutions that are nothing but false hopes of making goals that you want to reach. It's not that resolutions don't allow you to think about what you want to do, they're not the most strategic way to actually reach your goals.

Think about it: You sit down and write down a list of what you want to do and that's it. 

A to-do list is just the start of things and not the end point. You can't just make a to-do list and expect that things will happen, there are 3 additional steps that you need to take if you actually want to make things happen in your life this year.

1. Be Specific

One thing for sure you can't reach any goal without being clear of where and what the target is. When you're not specific about your goals, you're not clear about your intention, and when you're not clear you're not striving to reach any goal. It's like standing outside a running shower, washing up. It's not adding up.

It doesn't matter what goal you have in mind, if you're not specific you're not going to accomplish it.

When you're specific you know:

  1. What you want to do
  2. The time-frame you have to do it
  3. How you're going to do it

2. Be Strategic

Strategy is about how you will do something to reach your goals and get where you want to be. When you're strategic about what you want to do, you create a map or step by step action plan.

Strategy means:

  1. Figuring out what result you're looking for? (Ex. Being 20lbs slimmer to fit a particular dress or have a certain appearance; what does losing 20 lbs look like)
  2. Mapping out the steps you need to take to get there (Exercising 3-5 times a week; types of exercises you have to do; foods you have to eat daily-weekly, etc.)

3. Be Spontaneous

Finally, after all the planning and strategy is done, it all comes down to making the decision to act. Are you willing to act on your goals? What's stopping you from taking the first step? How dedicated are you to reaching that goal? You might have to ask yourself questions first before taking the first step because a goal of any kind (save money, start a business, start a blog, lose weight, etc) can be overwhelming.

The reality is, you're not comfortable where you are, but you're mind is telling you to stay in your comfort zone, a place you know best. We fear the unknown, we fear change because it's not normal, but the more we fear change the more we will remain where we are.

If your goals are overwhelming you break them down as small as possible. If going to the gym 3-5 times week is too much for you then try 1 day a week and hold yourself to that. If saving money is hard, start with small amounts like $5 - try to save $5 from every paycheck. Overtime, your small steps will result in big changes.

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