The ABC of Blogging, Branding, and Business


Getting started online can be overwhelming. There is so much information out there about knowing how to grow you blog or business, how to build your personal brand, how to get started making money online, etc. With so much information it can be hard trying to figure what is good or sound advice.

When I first started blogging, I was constantly reading and researching information about starting my blog, growing my blog, and of course making money from my blog. It’s was so much information that I eventually grew tired. I wish I had just one resource that could help me get the basic understanding of blogging, branding, and business, and that’s what I’ve created for you today: The Ultimate A-Z List Of Almost All Things Blogging, Branding, And Business related.

But before we get into that resource, here’s a simple ABC to help you in your blog or business:

A is for Audience

Your audience is what will keep your blog or business afloat. It's up to you to be relevant and useful to your audience, but your audience is the people that will keep you in "business". When starting out most people make the mistake of focusing solely on themselves and what they only want to create or do. This is a huge mistake because you cannot buy from yourself. If you want people to buy from you and invest in what you do, you have to make it about them.

Think about why you buy the things you buy or invest time into. You do so because it was made important to you. Someone or something influenced you to buy a particular product or service. If you want to maintain what you do, you have to focus on influencing people to buy and invest from you. You do so by focusing on their needs.

What does your audience need to know? What do they have trouble comprehending or simply doing? What do they lack that you can help them gain? Really get to know the pain points of your audience and then figure out how you can provide them with the utmost value and usefulness possible.

B is for Being Human

Humanizing your blog or business is so important to growing it. Humanizing your blog or business comes easy when you're promoting your personal brand, but when you're a large company like Nike or Google, it's hard to connect with people. Think about it, as a large company, there is no "face" to it. There are only products and services. The hardest thing for companies to do is to reach people on a deep enough level to have them buy their products and services. So they use actual humans within their commercials and marketing campaigns to connect with their customers.

For small time bloggers and business owners, it's not as hard to reach your target audience. You have something that large companies try to replicate, a human aspect. As you start or grow your blog or business, be willing to humanize what you do. Get connected with your audience through conversation and engagement. Reply to comments, share other people's content, be willing to give insight into who you are and what it is you do, even some of your personal moments. All of this helps people relate to you better and get to trust you enough to buy and invest in you.

C is for Consistency

At the end of the day, consistency is what sets the most successful people apart from others. It doesn't matter if you are mediocre in something because as long as you're consistent you will seem great in it. I'm not the best at blogging and what I do online, but each and every day, I'm doing something to get better.

You have to be committed to what you are doing. Regardless if you fail at it thousands of times, you have to be willing to bounce back and keep going. Not only that, but you have to give it your 100% each and every time. Usually, we find the first step to being the hardest, but it's not. The hard part is having to keep going. Taking the first step is only the beginning of making things happen. Do what you can, the best you can, and you will eventually reach the success or the level you want.

If you're tired of spending time researching what it means to start blog or business, here is an ultimate A-Z list of things you need to know.