The Biggest Mistake To Avoid When Launching Your Blog or Creative Business


The idea of launching something is exciting, right?

I mean you spend time thinking of what it is you’re launching and you can end up getting wrapped around the idea of launching versus actually implementing the launch, itself. This is one of the biggest mistakes to avoid when it comes to creating a blog or creative business. Why?

Below, I’m breaking down why this is a mistake you want to avoid and how to fix that mistake, regardless if you’ve already launched.

When it comes to launching anything, blog, business, product, service, etc, you need to focus more on the strategy versus the idea of launching. Your launch is only effective as the strategy behind it.

This means you need to place more energy to spreading the word, promoting, highlighting, and getting people’s attention around what it is you’re launching.

Launch strategies give insight to what you’re brand is/will be about and what you’re actually launching.

When you think about the strategy, it’s basically the process to making something happen. So your launch strategy is how you’re going to make your product, service, blog or creative brand a “thing” to people.

Ask yourself when you’re creating a launch strategy/campaign:

  1. What am I actually launching?

  2. Who needs to know about this launch?

  3. What is the goal that I’m looking to hit with this launch?

  4. What happens next after I actually launch?



The effectiveness of a launch strategy really depends on YOU!

The result of your launch may not fully turn out the way you want to be, but one thing for sure you are in control of the strategy and the energy you put behind the process!

Things you want to think about when it comes to actually creating the process of launching:

  1. How long will this launch campaign be?

  2. Is this enough time for me to bring awareness to what I’m launching?

  3. What content will I create to help me bring awareness to my launch?

  4. What platforms do I need to prepare or create to have in place once I’ve launched?

  5. In what ways will I “keep” track of my audience from during and even after the launch?

These are some of the many questions that you need to ask to establish an intentional launch strategy for your blog or creative business. Even if you’ve launched already, you can still use these same actionable steps to increase brand awareness.

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