What Does It Mean To Be A Creativepreneur?


Hopefully you’ve heard the term, creativepreneur, floating around the internet but if you haven’t, let me introduce you to what it means and help you figure out if you are one.

Creativepreneurship is the concept of marketing and building a business through your creative skills and talents. Creativepreneurs tend to operate off of passion and their personal mission to make an impact in their own creative ways. They think creatively and innovatively. They’re thrive offer coming up with new and creative projects or ideas.

So what does this mean for you?

Creativepreneurs or creatives are people like bloggers, writers, photographers, designers, stylists, consultants, or coaches. These people fall into the realm of “being creative”.

If you define yourself as a creative then you should know these 3 things to help you build your brand: offer, platform, and promoting.

Know What You Have To Offer

As a creative you must know what your value is. There are plenty designers, stylists, bloggers, etc. How do you set yourself apart? How do you stand out within your niche? The answer is knowing what you have to offer. You need to package up your value and market it as an offer, meaning, you either create:

  1. Content (free or paid)

  2. Products (digital or physical)

  3. Services

And all 3 of these things are what you use to market your value to people.

Create Your Own Platform

Social media shouldn’t be a one-stop shop for how people find you and learn about you. Social media is a marketing tool that helps you build your brand. You should have a place on the internet where people can find and learn more about your brand overall. Again, social media is used to help market who you are and what you do, and connect you to people.

Promote Yourself

Do not believe that posting one thing about what you do or who you are will draw people to you. You have to continuously put yourself out there and promote who you are and what you do both in real life and on social media. A great example of promoting is commercials. If a new movie is coming out, you may the same commercial 20X before you it finally hits the movie theaters. In order for you to build your brand and for people to know that you exist, you will have to promote yourself.

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