The Misconception of Life Coaching and Why I'm Becoming One


I've always thought of myself as being a teacher, but not someone in a classroom giving 6 year olds permission to go to the bathroom. I wanted to teach at my own pace, doing what I wanted to do. Since I was younger, I've always been fascinated by transformations. I am a sucker for a rags to riches story and I'm doing my absolute best to have my story one day inspire someone else. This all seems great and could, in fact, it should happen, but at times I doubt myself.

As much as I talk about getting over self-doubt and getting clear on who you are, I can't help but highlight that I am going the same struggle of not knowing what my next move is, of not being clear on my goals, and figuring out what I want my life to become. I've struggled a lot in the past, but I've overcome certain areas in life and know I feel more confident to take things to the next level. Yet, I still feel stuck.

Mainly because what I want to do comes with a stigma. Life coaching is something most people overlook because of the obvious: Why would a person hire someone else to tell them what to do with their lives. But that's not what life coaching is. Life coaching used to be someone giving sound advice, but now it's more mainstream, meaning people are actually seeking out someone to help them get through their toughest experiences and situations, but focusing on a certain area of interest.

There are many life coaches out here, but popular ones are Tony Robbins and Marie Forleo. I follow both of them on their websites and have even signed up to receive their daily emails. Although both of them serve as life coaches they each focus on a certain area. Tony Robbins specializes in something called results coaching, meaning he's working with you to reach a certain result/results. On the other hand, Marie Forleo is about learning and figuring out how to share your gifts with the world and start, grow, and build a successful business.

As a life coach, I focus solely on helping millennial women recognize their purpose in life. Getting to understand how to use their gifts and talents to inspire and influence people. My goal through my coaching is to help transform people from where they are right now and get them closer to where they want to be, but the focus is on establishing a presence through a business, blog, or brand.

But as easy as it sounds. It's hard for people to understand that portion of coaching. There are people, including myself at one point, that believed I didn't have to hire someone to tell me the next steps to take. In fact, at one point I thought the service was overpriced. Now since I'm on the other side, I understand why people will hesitate to want to hire a coach.

  1. Why would you hire another human being to help you get through a particular experience? Aren't they going through problems and challenges themselves?
  2. How do you put a price tag on advice, shouldn't it be free?
  3. At the end of the day, am I really going to get the answer I want by hiring you as my coach?

There are more reasons to assume that hiring a coach will be a waste of time, but I'm here to tell you that it's not. At least not all the time. There are a few people out here just in it for money and will overcharge you for anything you ask for. Those people make it hard for people to do their jobs as authentic coaches, however, you can always tell when someone's just in it for the money.

True, honest, and authentic coaches will focus solely on your progress and making sure you receive the highest quality of service. The price will come second. True coaches want to help you finally get over that obstacle and will do all that they can to help you do that. They will be more willing to give you value and quality over quantity and instant gratification. True coaches are about helping you recognize the answers to your problems. They are not doctors, lawyers, and politicians. They advocate for you, stand with you in your corner, push you, promote you, challenge you, all to get YOU to break from your present way of thinking to a progressive mindset.

Furthermore, life coaching isn't simple and easy, it's not about just giving advice, that's counseling. Counseling is different from coaching, in fact, it's the opposite. Counseling typically focuses on the past and what your past can teach you now in the present. Coaching, however, is about the present and setting yourself for the future. It's almost creating action plans, setting strong, measurable, and actionable goals. It's also about reaching deeper levels of discovering who you are and eliminating the beliefs that hold you back from any and everything you want to do. This is life coaching or coaching for that matter. And also a reason why I've decided to become one.

I want to see people transform their lives. I want them to step into their light, to grow, to recognize their ultimate life purpose. I know what it's like to feel stuck, to wonder when you're time is coming, to stop doubting. The best way I know how is through coaching.

The BecomeHer Coaching program was started to help multicultural millennial women learn to step into their purpose and inspire the world through inspiration and influence. The program is 4-weeks long and is all about taking actionable steps to becoming the person you want to be.

The only thing standing in your way of where you are now and where you want to be is YOU. Bridge the gap.