What To Do When You Have Too Many Ideas For Your Blog or Business


As creatives, our minds are flooded with ideas, 24/7. Some nights are filled with you staying up late or simply lying in bed thinking of the next “big” thing you can do to grow your blog or business.

However, the downside about this is that most ideas stay in our heads, and honestly, we don’t even know which idea to pursue.

So, today’s I’m helping you figure out what to do when you have too many ideas for your blog or business.

All you have to do is ask yourself 3 simple questions. These questions will help you figure out and determine which idea to realistically, pursue.

Let’s be honest, as creatives, we want to pursue all of our ideas.

I know this because I too find myself to be multi-passionate about a lot of things. Since I was younger, I loved writing, I loved designing, I loved teaching or being the person to provide direction to others, all of this has been in my blood.

Once I got older, I realized I couldn’t “be” every last single that I wanted to be: writer, teacher, designer, painter, consultant, etc. I had to figure out what to pursue first and then figure out how I could combine my other interests together.

So, here’s what you need to figure out when it comes to having a head full of ideas:

What can I realistically implement or do?

The keyword is “realistically”. Think about your skills and talent, what can you do because of it? It’s easy to assume that we know how to do something until we actually have to do it. So whatever your idea is, dig deep and figure out if this is something that you can, easily. Without having too much direction from someone else.

For me, designing is one of those things that I know I can do. I can use Photoshop (I’ve used it since high school) to create branded images or social graphics that can help tell a story or evoke an emotion.

What can I create?

Can any of your ideas be turned into something for people to actually use? Maybe a product or service or some type of resource? When I think about the first time I started blogging, I was writing and documenting my natural hair journey. It didn’t take me long to realize that I could create downloads to help my audience figure out how to create a hair regimen. I created videos that helped my audience “visuall"y” see how I was managing my own hair and styles I put my hair in.

What idea can I use to educate?

When it comes to being creative you are serving people through any knowledge or expertise that you have, so what can teach someone or provide information on. Think about what you do best, what you can create, and tie the two together. If you can combine what you do best, with something you can create, you can then in turn set yourself or position yourself as a go-to person and educate people.

For example:

You can be a graphic designer and you love to design and create images. So you create various social media graphics all the time. In turn, you can establish a blog that offers you the opportunity to write about, create, and teach people on graphic design. You’ve just taken one idea, and turned into something you can do, create, and educate people on.

Found these tips helpful? Leave a comment and let me know what you found useful?