Why I Hate The Word Hustle

Hustling to me is just a word that makes people believe they are doing something when they're not

Whenever I hear the word hustle I start cringing and start questioning is that person actually hustling. Hustling to me is just another word to replace “trying” because I hear it so much. Whenever you try you’re making an attempt to actually do something and hustling is a word similar to “trying”. People use it to make it appear that they are actually putting in work. When you put in work, your "hustle" will speak for itself. 

Hustling is so overused that people will use it for any small action/s

Using a word to describe your actions doesn’t make them true. Hustling isn’t doing the small amount of researching to learn how to start your business, hustling isn’t “trying” to create your business. Hustling is doing something by force, self-aggressively, and coerced. Ask yourself, how many times have you forced yourself to go after what you want; Self-aggressively made the decision/s to make your dreams happen; Coerced yourself or someone else to help you reach your goals? Never. 

Hustling isn't the word to use - proactive, committed, consistent are examples of words to describe exactly your actions

It’s not about hustling to make things happen, it’s about being proactive (doing instead of trying), commitment (doing the small steps to make a huge impact), and consistent (giving your 100% at all times at each and every level). Hustling only makes it sound cool that you are doing something challenging, but are you really hustling? The answer is you’re not. Stop trying to sound cool when it comes to making things happen in your life. You’ll seem cool from actually doing it.