Why It's Okay If You Still Don't Know What You Want To Do

Why It's Okay If You Still Don't Know What You Want to Do In Life

Ever since we were young, we were pressured into knowing who wanted to be and what we wanted to do in life. I remember being asked, what do you want to be when you get older? I had trouble answering this question then and, I'm still having trouble answering this question now. I don't blame myself for not fully knowing what I want do to the rest of my life because honestly, who knows how it will go? I don't know how things will be when I turn 50 and honestly, I'm not worried about that. I'm worried about who I am and what I'm doing right now as a 20 something year old. And even if you're not 20 something, here are 3 reasons why it's okay that you still don't know what to do in life...

1. You're still growing

Who ever said that once we reach a certain age we should know who we are, lied, somewhat. It's true, as you get older you will learn to grow to know yourself, meaning, you will eventually know what you like and don't like. Even those that appear to know what they want may change their interest later in life. All of this is perfectly fine. We don't have to know what we will do when you're 40 or 50 or even older than that. But understand that it's normal for us to change our interests, dreams, and goals, in fact, it shows us that we are getting close to who we really are.

2. You're discovering your purpose

How can you know exactly what you are meant to do in life as an 8 year old, 13 year old, and even a 24 year old? Our purpose isn't something we know from birth, it takes getting to know ourselves and what we can offer to the rest of the world. Your purpose comes from discovering your passions, whatever they may be. In order to know your passion, you need to know yourself. Don't think it means knowing your favorite color and favorite food, it means knowing what motivates you, what makes you want to pursue your dreams, what makes you so defensive when people may doubt what you're doing is going to work, that's getting to know yourself. 

3. You refuse to believe that the only life to live is the one society "expects" from you

One thing about me, I embrace the fact that I want to build my own - own dreams, business, the life that I really want to live. I embrace that I don't want to take the same paths that everyone else may be taken, and there is nothing wrong with that. 

The same goes for you.

Embrace wanting to start your own business, want to create a life for you and your family, the way you want to, embrace wanting to write a book, start a program and sell products. This doesn't mean you're living life the wrong, it simply means you would rather focus on you and your dreams, and not having to sacrifice them to make someone else's dreams happen. 

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