#1 Investment You Need To Make This Year


Most of us have gotten to where we are in life through many mistakes, shortcomings, and failures. We are even taught to believe that we need to embrace those “setbacks”. Fail fast, fail hard. Learn from your mistakes, are just a few of the sayings we hear almost daily about learning how to get to the next level in our lives and reach success.

We spend hours upon hours trying to figure out how to learn from our mistakes, how to fail “fast”, and how to eventually get to that next level. We’ll buy self-help books, business books, stalk bloggers on social media all day and try to emulate what it is they are doing and creating. Eventually, we get so exhausted and feel like we’re always at square one.

The problem lies in learning what you need to get to the next level. I know this because I too have been in this situation. It took me almost a 1 1/2 - 2 years once I started blogging to invest in my personal growth and also my online business. I first bought a $10 ebook and that lead to an $11 one, and eventually a $67 masterclass.

Before then I was so busy trying to do everything for myself and by myself. Not using anyone for help. I was making this same mistakes over and over again, and making excuses for everything and talking myself out of doing better for my life and business. You might be in the same position and situation, and I’m here to let you know it’s time you start investing in yourself and hire a coach.

Hiring a coach can be really beneficial, but 3 specific benefits are clarity, support, and direction. You might be confused in figuring out what you need to focus on, what it is you even need to do to better yourself and business, but you’re lost. You might even be searching for someone who understands you and can actually help you do better. And finally, you might be searching for the next step to take and are tired of making the same goals over and over again. All of these problems and more can be solved by hiring a coach.

But hiring a coach comes with misconception. Most people are scared to spend hundreds of dollars for something or someone they don’t know. Most people believe that the service might be overpriced and should even be free. Others may even believe the whole idea of “coaching” is a scam and just a get rich quick scheme. I can’t deny any of this because I too once thought the same thing and there are people who are “coaching” for all the wrong reasons.

However, not investing in a coach might not be the best decision for you. Coaching opens you up to working with someone who is at the next level and/or a place where you want to be. You might come across someone who has overcome a certain challenge or problem that you’re currently facing and because they put a price tag on their solutions doesn’t make it a scam or scheme.

Think about it, if you’ve overcome a challenge or obstacle in your life and you’re “growing” or moving forward in your life, but someone comes along and wants to know your “secret”. Would you offer everything to them for free OR would you give them a free hint by telling them what you did, but charging them if they want you to actually show them?

Action Step: If you seem to be setting the same goals over and over every year, seem to be in the same position, but want to do more and make a real impact in life, you need to schedule your FREE 30-minute call with me and start the BecomeHer Coaching Program.