Why Your Social Media Following Doesn't Relate To Your Impact


Out of all the mistakes I’ve made being a blogger, I can say that focusing on growing a huge following was my biggest mistake. Although I’ve read blog posts that discussed growing a large following meant absolutely nothing if you weren’t making money or converting those people to potential customers, I still focused on growing a large following.

I made growing a following my end goal and believed if I could get enough people to follow me on social media those people would be my target audience and I could finally get paid money and get seen by brands to work with. I was obviously wrong and am making up for this huge mistake now.

Since I was growing my blog the wrong way, I didn’t learn the valuable strategies needed to maintain blog growth and really reach my audience. This explains that while people knew what I was doing as a blogger, I still couldn’t get people to convert over to follow me through my email list or read my blog. I even was too nervous to sell to them because I didn’t know who was my “right” audience to sell to.

It’s hard to listen to someone say don’t focus on growing a large audience, but when you open up your Instagram or see someone’s Twitter page filled with thousands of followers you tend to ask yourself, “what are they doing that I'm not?”

The thing is, it’s not about getting the most likes, comments, or shares. Social media changes all the time so trying to get the most likes, comments, and shares aren’t going to necessary grow your blog or business. What it will do is get random profiles and people following you just because. In order to build a large following, you have to be more valuable and useful to the right people.

Finding your target audience is key to growing your following and making your impact. This is something I’m learning to do and making up for. From social media content to my blog posts, I’m changing the way I am making my impact. No longer will I just write for myself, but what I post on this blog should be along the following: inspirational, motivational, educational, clarity, and support. What I create should do either of those things and when it does, I know people will be impacted by who I am and what it is I do.

Here’s exactly what I’m doing this year to grow my following by focusing on making an impact:


I’m only creating content that will help my audience transition or transform. By that, I mean creating blog posts that provide them an experience. Either they don’t know something, but when reading my post they’ll be more informed.

Social Media

For Facebook, I have created a community filled with purpose-driven, creative women who want to do more and feel supported in who they are becoming.

For Instagram, I am posting more pictures of myself on my Instagram feed and the captions to my posts tell a story and are not random. As for my Instagram stories, I will use those to also tell a story and show my daily life experiences.

Being online isn’t just about growing a large following and getting people to like your post just because.

Have a purpose behind what you create and not just create for the purpose of doing so. Each and every one of us has the opportunity to make an impact through content.