Ready to finally launch your creative brand?


Right now…

You feel overwhelmed about what to do, whether that’s creating content, developing a marketing strategy, or simply showing up as the creative you are.

In all honesty,

  • You’re ready to finally resonate with your audience and create content for them.

  • You’re ready to finally have the clarity in knowing what direction you’re taking your brand.

  • You’re done spending time on “figuring” things out!

I know this for a fact, and I also know you won’t be where you are forever.


imagine what it’ll be like to


operate with more ease and less confusion.


Create impactful content


know and understand what you have to offer


That’s why you need the

make your mark bundle


This 3-part bundle breaks down the steps to brand your blog or business easily, so you can finally take your impact to the next level and operate with confidence and clarity. You’ll learn the pillars to building your creative brand from square one, as well as, the step by step framework to attracting the right audience and creating content for them.


Here’s what you’ll get:


1. Make Your Mark Blueprint

This 37-page blueprint helps you develop your own marketing and content strategy that works for you. No need of figuring out how to use someone else’s plans, instead get clear on your message, identify your target audience and learn how to develop a content strategy for you that communicates your talents and gifts!

The blueprint includes:

  • content strategy worksheets

  • Social Media Strategy Worksheets

  • Audience Profile Worksheets

  • Creative action plan template (business plan for creatives)

2. Be Your Own Brand workbook

Using Instagram can be challenging especially with the algorithm changes, so this workbooks gives you 5 specific ways to use Instagram to increase your brand awareness and connect with your audience.

3. 7 Steps To level up Workshop

Standing out isn’t just a one-step process, and making your mark requires a level of commitment. This workshop gives breaks down the 7 steps to leverage what you do.

get it for only $67


Who’s behind this resource?

Hey, I’m Natasha!

I help creativepreneurs operate with confidence. I used to spend countless hours trying to come up with solutions when I simply wanted to enjoy being a content creator/creative.

I created the Make Your Mark Bundle so you can go from confused to confident, and eliminate the guessing work of knowing how to market who you are and what it is that you do. You’ll establish your own strategy and grow your own creative blog or business, and most importantly you do it with ease.

get it now, for only $67