Learn how to use your voice to tell your story and get in front of the people who need to hear it most! I get it! You're not comfortable sharing who you and promoting yourself to people, so I made the Express Yourself guide to show you how to inspire those around you.


The Resource library is filled with guides and manuals to help you be more intentional in your actions, be more productive, and gain clarity.


You’re tired of doing this by yourself, struggling to be consistent and not sure how to fully commit. Let me help you get where you want to be.



The BecomeHer community was created for millennial women who are looking to collaborate and connect with others who are just like them


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I'm Natasha

I help creative + purpose driven millennial women tell their story, step into their purpose, all while influencing and inspiring others.

3 years ago I felt stuck and with one more year left of college, I felt pressured to do what others expected of me. But I knew I had more to offer.I started Becoming Natasha to help other millennial realize their gifts and talents. I knew I was designed to teach how to step into their purpose, how to tell their story, and ultimately, influence and inspire in their own right.






Get comfortable sharing who you are and inspiring people with your story!

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